Happy March!

Hi guys!

So this month I have  some amazing stuff I wanted to share….especially with it being Women’s History Month and all.

As we edge towards a new decade, I’ve noticed something really cool. Women genuinely stepping forward to help, support, and inspire other women. I mean, yes we’re strong, but when we work together, its amazing! With so many faces, talents, inspirations, dreams and emotions, each so unique in her beauty, I’m so glad to see us really rising to the occasion and putting our best foot forward!

Photoshoot in Studio

With this glorious direction of women helping women, I was lucky enough to be a part of such a collaboration recently. A female friend of mine, Nataliya, a talented photographer, reached out to photograph me working in my studio. When I mentioned this to another friend, Ayesha, an amazingly  talented interior designer, she offered to help decorate my studio for the shoot in what was quickly becoming a perfect example of women inspiring and helping women.

And so, us trio of girls, each in her own creative field, got together to create a beautiful photo session that I’ll always remember! Check out below for pictures from this wonderful collaboration:

Artwork Showing in Gallery

This month, two of my paintings, a Warrior Princess and a Goddess, were chosen to be hung at the display window at Parklane Gallery, Kirkland (kinda cool, considering its women’s month!). And if you venture inside, you’ll find the Chief and his daughter that I painted a few months back. Very happy with the overall show as well, there’s some amazing art hanging at the gallery!

Shop online at: Parklane Gallery, Kirkland

Miniature Cougar

This miniature was a unique experience. I had to get special tools for it, magnifying glass, miniature brushes, and a special surface that doesn’t have any texture. The trick is to slow down, be patient, and focus. It’s almost meditative. I’m sure if I did this a few years back when I was a lot less patient, I would never have gotten half way through!

That’s whats been happening this month.I will be bringing out a new collection soon and will share that with you guys soon! In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful spring we’re finally getting to see a bit of!

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