Commissioning Artwork

To commission artwork means to request a custom made painting, tailored to your specific needs. In a commission work you’re able to direct:

  • The subject, the color scheme and style
  • The size of the artwork 
  • The materials used, e.g acrylic, oil, water color, pencil etc.

Once you’re ready to reach out to an artist regarding your needs, its a good idea to:

  • Have some images available to show the artist what you have in mind. 
  • Show a picture of where the artwork will be hung, to help the artist visualize. The artist can help guide you and help come up with a final idea. 
  • Discuss when you need the artwork by and if the artist can deliver by then
  • Discuss shipping charges, if applicable.

Each artist will have their own method but for the most part all artists require a deposit before starting the commission work. They will send out a contract outlining their responsibilities and terms. 

Once the artwork is completed, they are expected to send pictures of the work for final approval from the client. After the final approval, the remaining amount is paid and the artwork is shipped!   

Below is an approximate amount I personally charge for commission work, though each artwork is unique and final amount depends on each individual order:

Price of custom painting starts at:

  • Acrylic Painting: $350
  • Oil Painting: $450
  • Sketch / Water Color: $100
  • Gold-leaf in artwork adds $150

I provide free shipping within North America (Some restrictions may apply). Please note that more complex subjects add to the price and time required to make them.

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Hope this helped! If you have any questions, email me and I’ll be happy to answer ’em!